Friday, March 27, 2009


take note to all of my werk fellas!!i'll break ur neck after this..this siries are the 1st serious siries from me through this ghetto street..''THE KIOUENISM''

Monday, March 23, 2009

THEKIOUE@BOB@ZULKIFLI know one super fine boy comin from small village call BATU PAHAT who are really addicted into ART,BREAKING.full of effort,passion..seriously want to show some original stuff from to be proud as a MALAYSIAN?he got the so fuckin serious aight?no man..
THESUPERSUNDAY..the toughest crew in town..this is my fuckin crew man..we burn all citys around malaysia and u will see our werk here after this even from STREET,GALLERY,STORE,EVENTS,CLOTHING LINE,CUSTOMIZING..that will be AMAZING!!
sabar n nantikan kehadiran the latest2 werk for 2009!!!!I BURN U FELLAS!!!!